Measuring in Photoshop for Interior Designers.

Hey everyone, Welcome back to another exciting video here in Photoshop made just for you designers, my name is Brian Lee and today I’m going to be showing you how to use Photoshops measurement tools to create accurate 3d rooms that are built to scale. This way you can you can place custom product images confidently knowing that they will fit in your client's space. You’ll also learn how to create visually accurate installation guides, inside your design boards, that your client can refer to when settings up items in their space. Like artwork, drapes, shelves and other aspects that need to be accurate. This tutorial is just one example from our most popular course, Mastering Interior Design boards. If you haven’t heard of it, the course offers a fully functional Photoshop template as well as in-depth training on creating professional 3d design boards fast. In this tutorial, we will be using the living room design kit, but if you don’t have it, don’t worry, you can still learn Photoshops measuring tools for other aspects of your workflow. So without further delay lets jump right in. Step 1: Let's first talk about setting the correct dimensions or global scale for the 3d interior design.

when setting the scale for your interior design it’s important to have your Photoshop rulers visible.

Next check to make sure your rulers are set to inches by right-clicking on the ruler and selecting Inches. 

Step 2 Next, adjust your image size ( Image > Image size ) to inches.

My image converts to 360 inches by default but if yours does not, you can set your image size (in inches) to anything that makes sense for your interior design client. The Important thing to remember here is to make sure “resample” is checked off before adjusting your interior design’ width or height. This way, the file will stay the same file size and you won’t bog down your machine. Note the only time you need to worry about your resolution is when you're are printing. So don’t worry about that number for web use. In the case you need to print unless you need it to be real-world scale, just reduce your width and height after you have finished designing the interior. your resolution should be at least 300.

Because Photoshop does not have a “feet” option I will divide the inches by twelve to make my file give me numbers in feet (note it will still say inches moving forward, however, I will read it as feet).

Step 3 Setting the Size of The Back Wall of the design board. 

Next, I want to set the back wall of the interior design board to 15 feet wide. to do this I will use the line tool.

From one of the corners of the wall, I will drag out the line tool until it reads “ L: 15.000 in “ ( remember, inches are now feet based off step 2).

Another way to perfect this measurement is to go to the properties panel right click on the measurements make sure it's in inches anthem you can type in a more exact measurement.

Next using the Move tool I can center the guideline I the middle of the room.

I can then move the left and right wall of the interior design board out to connect to the ends of the line guide. Boom! A perfectly measured 15 foot back wall.

Using the information we already have we can make a new guide by duplicating the one from the last step.

I want to position a couch, inside the interior design board, that I know is six feet long. So with the new line selected, I can hit CMD or a to transform it and then go to the transform setting in the upper properties panel to reduce the size from 15 ‘ to 6 '.

so when I bring the couch in, I have an accurate guide to adjust the couch too.

Vuala! A perfectly dimensional product image of a couch. To fill up your interior design board with accurately measured product images just create more guides like we did above.

Sometimes we need to know how to create visually accurate interior design installation guides, inside your interior design boards, so your client can refer to it when settings up items in their space. Like artwork, drapes, shelves and other aspects that need to be accurate. So again after positioning my artwork on the wall, I will measure the height (to the bottom ) of each picture frame using the line tool.

I can then use the “text tool to add the Dimension to the installation line.

I will complete this process for the rest of the interior installation guides for the artwork.

to accurately measure something that is along the right or left wall of the living room design kit I will need to go into each all individually.

Note: “by double-clicking on the smart object for the wall, I can open it into a new document and the make sure the image size, of the right wall, is set to the correct height (the same process as in step 2 of the first chapter.

since I knew the back wall is 10.5 ‘ I can now set this (right wall ) to 10.5 ‘.

once the document height matches the right wall, i can make an accurate measurement of the curtains.

when I go back to the master document you’ll notice if I did the same measurement the height comes out to something very different (due to the perspective) which is why it is important to do the measuring inside the individual walls of the interior design board.

then I can just add a new line and type in the measurement that i made inside the right wall.

Conclusion So thank you for joining me on another Photoshop adventure for interior designers. Hopefully, you now have a solid understanding or, at least, a great reference to refer back to, the next time you need to make an accurate design. Remember this was only a sneak peak of what's inside our Design Board  Bootcamp course. The course contains everything you need to create professional, realistic 3D design boards. including Our dynamic Photoshop template that helps you build rooms in minutes without having to worry about perspective. Beginner to advanced training that can only be found in this course on preparing product images, creating realistic lighting and texturing details, adding effects such as reflections, contact shadows and much much more.


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