05- How to Use The Design Board Kit 

In this lesson, we will cover how to use The Design Board  Kit a Photoshop template that does all the heavy lifting for you.   But remember you don’t need the kit to learn from this lesson. It's only being provided to give you guys a big head start and to motivate me to keep making tutorials.             

The Design Board Kit Specifics :  

What is it:

The Design Board Kit is a Photoshop template and plugin that allows you to quickly add on features. It offers a faster solution to building rooms in Photoshop it's filled with everything you need to quickly build custom style boards at the click of a button. Spend less time building rooms in photoshop and more time on interior design. The Design Board Kit cuts out about 70 % of the time it takes to create a competitive first look for a client and most importantly it can be used over and over again!  

Who's it for:

  The Design Board Kit is built for all levels of Photoshop users from beginners to advanced.   In general, The Kit is made for Interior Designers looking for a faster way to create 3D rooms in Photoshop so they can focus more on designing rooms.

What you'll need: 

The Kit  is compatible with Photoshop CS6 and higher versions. If you don't have Photoshop or if you're looking to upgrade we recommend Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Usually, Photoshop CC cost $19.99 per month/annual. However, with their bundle offer called Creative Cloud Photography plan it includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and bridge at just $9.99 per month/annual. Check Out Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography Plan


The Design Board Kit in a Nutshell.


- An automatic 3d room setup with 5 customizable walls.  

 - A pre-built lighting setup that can be easily manipulated to fit any room. The lighting will fall onto of any furniture that you add.  

 - Preset features that you can toggle on and off to quickly build any type of residential room.  

 - A click button customization workflow that allows you to customize wall colors, textures, windows, doors and much more.   

- Over 30 already placed textures that can be toggled on and off at the click of a button. 

 - bonus tutorials that can be found in the library that help you understand all the possibilities of the kit.

How it works:

  Using Photoshops smart object tools we’ve built a system that lets you work on a 2D wall, floor or ceiling in one PSD and then updates your master style board in 3D. (see the above tutorial for a better idea)   Meaning you’ll never have to mess with perspective when laying out your rooms.   Most importantly you can easily customize your mood board (style board) to fit your client’s needs and reuse the kit over and over again.  

Bonus Tutorials.

To make sure you get the most out of your design kit we’ve created the above video tutorial to both introduce you to the kit and to show you all the possibilities within it. We will be offering future videos to show you more advanced ways to use the template as well.    

You can download The Design Board Kit