lesson 15 - How to Save a Transparent Background

In this tutorial, I will quickly cover how to save an image out with its transparency intact.   In other words, after you have removed a specific images background with Photoshop you need to save it out so you can use it over and over again.   I personally like to have a library of favorite furniture pieces that I recommend to clients over and over again.   You can cut your design board creation time in half by not having to remove a background every single time you want to create a new board. Especially if that new board is similar to several others you have done in the past.   So every time you remove a background from your vendor or product image it makes sense to save it with the transparency intact. For more on removing backgrounds check out lesson 6 that covers several techniques on how to remove backgrounds of different types.

Step1: Save As

  With the layer of your choice selected in the layers panel and nothing else visible in the photoshop document, go to file> save as (CMD, Shift, S).  

Step 2: Dialog box

Choose the Format that allows you to save a transparent background (.PNG).   When the dialog box opens choose where you want to save the transparent image. Go to format and choose .png. Then, hit “Save”.    


Step 3: Adjust the .png quality settings.

Inside the Photoshop document, you will see this dialog box open up. It defaults settings should look something like this.  

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  Hit “Ok" and you're done!

Step 4:  Implementing after you save a transparent background.

Now, just go to your file and drag it into the Photoshop document of your choosing and it should pop right in with no background.  




Thanks for joining me for another free Photoshop tutorial on style boards for interior design. Hopefully, you're now confident of how to save a transparent background for your design boards, style boards, mood boards and beyond.