Lesson 9 -Manipulating Chair Angles and Orientation.

generic 3 quarter view of armless chair


In the following tutorial, I will be going over how I manipulate an armless chair from a common three-quarter front view to a not so common three-quarter back view, ultimately making a pair be placed in my style board. So here is a commonly found 3quarter view of the armless chair.   At this point, I’ve already removed its background and, again if you need a refresher on removing backgrounds check out lesson 6.   Now having this chair as a 3 quarter view is great if for some reason into our room. but rarely is that the case.   In this scenario, I want to create a pair of chairs to give my client a better understanding of what the final result will look like.   Step 1. Duplicate So similarly to how we dealt with the table in the previous lesson I’m going to start by duplicating the Chair so that I can always go back to the original if I end up destroying the one I’m about to manipulate. This is also known as a non-destructive workflow.

Segmenting The Chair

We want to do this in a few pieces as possible to get the end result

The Back of the Chair

We can start with the back of the chair by using pieces and parts from the original image.   1. Select the back of the Original Chair.  

use the original back of the chair

  2. Place the backing at the base of the chair.  

move the backing to the base chair

  3. Stretch the backing up to match the original height.  

Stretch the back of the chair up

The Side of the Chair

Using the existing side panel.    1. Select the original backing of the chair  

select the backing

  2. manipulate the side panel into position with new backing.  

Side panel of the chair

  3. create a curves adjustment layer to adjust brightness.  

curves layer adjust the brightness

  4. Create a curves adjustment layer to adjust brightness. Don't forget to use clipping mask between the curve layer and the side panel layer (see video)  

adjusting chairs tone

  5. delete the excess areas of the original chair.  

select eccess chair

  Completed chair siding and backing 

chair frame complete

Adding The Pillow

1. Create the pillow by using the cushion of the original chair  

use the original chair

  2. After placing the cushion selection on its own layer manipulate it with the transform tool to sit with the chair. Make sure to pay attention to layer order.  

manipulate the cushion

The Pillow Base

1.  ok all that's left is selecting the cushion crevasse.  


  2. duplicate the crack by hitting CMND J and your selection will be placed on a  new layer that you can manipulate into position. (again pay attention to layer order)  

move the cushion crack

  Final View

final couch manipulation


There you have it, we have taken a three-quarter view of a sofa chair and manipulated it to sit into a set.

In the next lesson, we will take a look at how to put a bed into perspective along the side wall.   Thanks again for joining me until next time take care.