Lesson4: Basic Lighting for 3D style boards (mood boards ) with Photoshop.

Intro In this lesson, we will look at how to add some simple lighting to the room we built in the previous lesson. lighting is lighting is the key element to creating beautiful style boards.   If you can control light you will be 90% better than the rest of the style board creators in the world.   You will have a noticeably better portfolio and ultimately will receive more work because of it.

1: Shadows

Start by creating a new layer, then with the layer selected Use the marquee tool to drag out a thin rectangle.   Fill that selection with black using the paint bucket tool.  

Shadows for corner walls

  Then go to the filter panel in the nav bar and choose blur then gaussian blur. You can adjust the blur to be pretty soft to mimic how a shadow would look in the crier of a room.

soften your shadow

Layer opacity

With the layer chosen, you can then adjust the opacity of the shadow. this can always be adjusted up or down later.  

create a new photoshop layer

  Once you have the general feel for the shadow, use the transom tool to move it into the corner of the room.   Duplicate the shadow layer several times and add it to each corner of the room.   You can select all the shadow layers and group them (CMND or CNTRL G) or you can select all of them and merge them into one single layer.   Do this by selecting all the layers in the layer panel (SHIFT) right clicking on the layers and going to merge layers.   In either of these methods of consolidation the shadows, you can then adjust all the shadows opacity at once.  

combine your shadows

2: light

Again mastering light is one of the most important things you can do to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd with your style boards.   In photoshop creating lights is just as easy as creating shadows.   You can create lights in almost the exact same way.  Instead of filling your marquee selecting with black you can fill it with white instead.   You may also want to make a circular selection rather than a rectangular one.  

create a light


soften your light
create several lights


3: Conclusion and exercise

So for this lessons exercise, I want you guys to light your room.   In the next lesson, we will look at how to use The Design Board Kit.   A Photoshop template that does all the heavy lifting for you.   It basically has a room prebuilt with lights and shadows, textures, wall features and a lot more.   It's meant to have you creating beautiful rooms quickly so you can spend less time building a room and more time on designing it.