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Interviews about the lastest Interior Design tools, trends, and more.

The Story Of Mydoma Studio: Interview with the Founder Sarah Daniele

In this episode, we interview Sarah Danielle and hear the story of how a professional interior designer rose from being laid off and unemployed to the co-founder and CEO of one of the most popular businesses within the interior design industry. From the humble beginnings to the successful empire join us as Sarah Danielle walks us through her story.

From Corporate Employees to Successful Interior Design Business Owners

Meet Lauren & Mika from My little Empire. They went from working in the corporate world to now running their own successful Interior Design business based in Australia.

Working as a couple and the successes and failures as freelance interior designers

A brand new Podcast where Jess and I interview ourselves about successes and failures that we have had as freelance interior designers and as a couple working together on a day to day bases. We go in depth on what it was that allowed us to go from employees to freelancers.

How to become an Influencer and run an Online Interior Design Shop with Audrey Crisp Interiors

In this episode, we chat with Audrey Crisp about what it's like to run an online interior design shop, the perks of drop shipping and her experience working with Souler as an influencer on their commerce platform.

Interview with Havenly E-Design Platform

In Episode 4 we speak with Shelby Girard the head of design at Havenly. Shelby shares the three things they look for when bringing on designers to their virtual platform.

How to launch an Online Interior Design business with Chaney Widmer

In this episode, we speak with Chaney Widmer of Mix and Match She shares with us how she got started and why she to chose to focus on e-design rather than full-service interior design services. She also shares with us her new course “How to Launch An E Design Business.”

Interview with Style Mutt Home: How one self taught designer used Instagram to master online Interior Design

She started her business from her garage all while raising three babies. She now has a thriving e-design business and over 34k followers on Instagram. She talks about how she used Instagram to market herself and grow her business to be what it is today.

Meet Brian and Jess

Welcome to the first episode of The Design Cure Podcast. Today we're going to be talking about empowering interior designers online to help grow their businesses.

More Episodes Coming Soon!