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Get up and running with Photoshop for Interior Design fast


What is Photoshop Launch?

A Photoshop course for Interior Designers with a  curriculum that both introduces newbies to the software and offers a refresher course to those who need it.

Step by Step Classes

During this course you learn the Photoshop interface, how to set up your workspace, top tools for Interior Design, customizing your workspace, and how to apply basic textures and lighting.

What Will You Learn?

Photoshop Interface

Meet Photoshop and understand the layout of the interface and where to find the most important tools for interior design.


Learn how to navigate and get comfortable moving around your workspace. 


Learn the most powerful aspect of Photoshop, the layers panel.

Top Tools

As Interior Designers, we don’t need to know every single tool there is inside of Photoshop, learn what you do need to know fast.

Image Manipulation

Get daily support through the Facebook group and a designated TA to answer questions.

Lighting & Textures

A highly effective Photoshop Template that builds rooms in minutes instead of hours. Can be customized over and over again for each new client or project.

Brian Lee

Course Instructor

Brian brings over15 years of experience as a professional designer across several industries including interior design, visual effects design, multi-media advertising and Publishing. Mastering Photoshop was essential to his success in these fields and continues to be his leading software for design.
Prior to building and teaching at The Design Cure, Brian was hired to create and teach multiple design courses for education companies such as, Envato Tuts Plus, Plural Sight and Digital Tutors.

Brians Clients & Partners Include:

How It Works

Fast Results

We understand that your times short and valuable and that learning I not easy. Which is why we have created a course that cuts out all the excess information and focuses on to the point classes, tools, and resources that work together to put learning on hyperdrive.

Along with your daily classes, You'll receive templates and cheat sheets that you can use over and over again in your business. The classes and tools in this course will help you turn photoshop into an extension of you rather than a software.

Meet your Design Community

Hanging out with like-minded driven designers is important which is why you have access to a Facebook community of exactly that.

You’ll be inspired encouraged and even critiqued by fellow students and your instructor.

In-Depth Training

At The Design Cure we expect you to get results.

Which is why we've created guided exercises after each learning topic to help you practice and make progress.


Be proud of your new skill set and share your new expertise with a certificate and badge that you can add to your linked in profile, your website or even  print our for your home office. 

This is a Photoshop Level 1 certification.

Course Outline

Meet Photoshop

Day one is all about getting you up and running with Photoshop. You'll learn how to navigate the interface, how to create your first Photoshop document and how to customize your workspace.

Interior Tool Box

On day two you get busy with learning how to use Photoshop's essential tools (including the layer palette, the move tool, transform tools and more) to start placing  product images accurately inside of an interior space.

Design & illuminate

Day three covers key techniques on texturing lighting and manipulating. Today focuses on precise learning for the essential day to day needs of your design business.

Hundreds of students have gone through our courses.
Here’s what they say:

“I am amazed at the quality designs I can put together now that I purchased your kit. Your tutorials are perfect, and I’m looking forward to learning more from you each week. You break down the lessons into digestible sessions with just enough detail to get me through the process without feeling overwhelmed. I also appreciate being able to ask questions and get answers within a day or even hours. This is just what I was looking for!”
Michele Kiefert
Welcome Home Interiors
Buford, GA
"I loved the Photoshop Kickstarter course! This is a great course for beginners like me who are just starting out in Photoshop. The tutorials were very helpful and easy to follow and I love the bonus texture kit which is included in the course. The course has taught me so many things in a short amount of time on how to build a professional looking design board. I highly recommend it!"
Lori Henle
Kentfield, CA
“Great tool and having already used it for several designs, I am much faster and more efficient with my designs. Thank you!”
Erin Alexia Design
“This kit is amazing! The quality of my finished concept boards has greatly improved just by using this kit (I’m convinced it is the built-in lighting and shadows)! It is super easy to move and scale walls to mimic client’s rooms. I love that I can add things (like art, windows and doors) to the walls, and it will automatically put them into perspective. I can’t say enough good things about this kit! Thank you for creating this!!”
Christina Wellman
Divito Designs
“This is a great time saver! I knew very little about Photoshop when I started the tutorial lessons. I found that the design kit helped me understand the lessons better, although you don’t have to have the kit to learn. I love that I have a pre-built room to start designing off of right away!”
Courtney Otte
The Modern Hive
Omaha, NE
“Loving how much time your kit saved me, The kit starting point is going to save so much time and I am very thankful I purchased it. Between this and your easy to follow tutorials, I know I will be able to spend more time on my projects.”
Amanda Dixon
Interior Style Studio
Charlotte, NC
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