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Guide to 3 different types of Interior Design presentations 2D, 2.5D and 3D

A tutorial to understanding 2D, 2.5-D and 3-D presentation for Interior Design can be hard to navigate when you're just starting out which is why we created this guide.

5 Essential To-Do’s to Attract High-End Interior Design Clients

It’s the dream of an entrepreneur’s across industries to have high-end clients, the ones that don’t really care about the cost of a service, as long as they are certain to get the superior results they desire. Interior design is no different. These luxury level clients create a big difference in the profitability of your business and your reputation. However, you need to know the essentials of how to attract them. To get these highly sought after clients, it’s important to understand the way they think, how they operate, and what you can do as a designer and professional to earn their trust. So here are 5 essential to-do’s to attract and maintain luxury level interior design clients:

You’re Too Worth It- Interior Design Negotiating Tips from The Front Lines

If you’re like most designers, you got into the business to work through the creative process, transform spaces, experience the thrill of finding that perfect piece, and form relationships with your clients; and if you could avoid talking money or following up on an invoice for the rest of your career, you’d be in heaven. Right? Unfortunately, business is business and you need to be ready for that conversation and the negotiations that may ensue. So here are a few tips to help you discuss rates with clients:

Design Workshop: Top Photoshop tools for Interior Designers

In this webinar, we share the most popular Photoshop tools we recommend for your interior design business.

Blogging for Interior Designers: 5 Powerful Reasons to Get Started

“I’m not a writer, I’m an interior designer…I don’t need a blog.” If that sounds familiar, this blog is for you.

4 ways to get the most out of Instagram for your online interior design business

If you want to use your Instagram account to grow your followers, increase engagement, and ultimately get clients, here are 4 rules to live by

What's the best presentation software for e-designers?

Check out our list of the best presentation software for e-designers. Learn how to create a 3D room that looks like your clients from start to finish using Photoshop or eDesign 3D a custom platform created for eDesigners.

How to charge for your online interior design services

As a creative professional offering online interior design services, there is no right or wrong fee to charge for your services.

Working online which company is the best to partner with?

We rounded up some info for 5 of the most popular online interior design companies. Here’s what you need to know: