You do everything else online, why not take your interior design passion to the web!? Online interior design companies and virtual interior design platforms have opened up a new world, making it possible for you to become more efficient, take your business outside your local market…and yes…to be super successful while working from home in your favorite PJ’s ;)

There are many benefits of working online as an interior designer and just as many online platforms to help you reach your goals, but each one offers something unique regarding services to clients and payouts for designers like you. So we rounded up some info for 5 of the most popular online interior design companies. Here’s what you need to know:

Laurel & Wolf

Laurel and Wolf has lots of options for clients and designers alike. Clients pay a flat fee for different packages (1) Light- $79/room, (2) Classic-$149/room, and (3) Signature-$249/room. 

Designers are paid a flat fee based on projects they complete. All designers start in the Classic tier, which pays $150 when you are matched with a Classic package client. But, if you submit a design to a Signature or Classic project and win, the payout is $225. 

Those who earn high ratings and show continued success can become a Premium Designer with a payout of $200 for matched packages, and if you submit to a project and win, the payout is $375.00. Further, you can set your price on your profile, and if a client chooses to work with you directly, via a private link, you will receive 95% of that set price.  

One thing to remember is that any products you source must be directly from the L&W vendor catalog.


Swatchpop is all about speed for clients, promising a 3-5 day turnaround on finished plans and their packages start at $49.00. And for designers, you’re looking at making $27.00/hour for your expertise.


Havenly keeps it simple when it comes to virtual interior design and offers two packages for clients. The first is the Mini Design, a $79.00 package that gives clients three ideas to capture the look, one design concept, and up to 2 rounds of design revisions. 

The second package is the Full Design, which is a $199.00 fee for three ideas to capture the look, one design concept, layout visualization, a custom floor plan, and up to 2 rounds of design revisions. As a designer, your payout would be 50% of the package fee.


Instead of paying a flat fee like many of the online interior design companies, Homepolish pays an hourly rate, determined by your experience, with a 10-hour minimum.  Here are a couple of things to think about… The first part of the process is a complimentary consultation between client and designer, and it is only afterwards that the client purchases the hours from which you’ll be paid. 

The downside? Every once in a while you’ll get that potential client that picks your brain during the free consult and does not go on to purchase hours; they were just looking for free design advice! 

Another thing is that sometimes expectations can be a little too high and clients think that for only $3,000 and 10 hours of work they can get a beautiful new living room only to be let down if that is not the case…so be sure to set expectations often and early with your clients. BUT despite those cautionary words of advice, I have met some great clients through Homepolish!


Decorist offers three tiers; (1) Classic packages for $299, (2) Elite packages for $599, and (3) Celebrity packages for $1,299. Each includes two concepts, messages with the designer, a shopping list, and floor plan with setup instructions. As a designer, you will be paid half of what the client is charged. For example, a Classic package would pay $149/project and you are required to deliver two concepts. 

Once feedback is given, you have 4 days to upload the final plans to the platform for review. Keep in mind you can only source from their list of preferred vendors. You can sometimes source from Overstock or Etsy but is the store of vendors is no on the list; they will not allow you to send in the final shopping list.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of online interior design companies to choose from if you’re looking to grow your portfolio. But if you want to stand out from the rest of the designers, move to higher design tiers, and win those larger payouts, being able to present a powerful digital visual is crucial. 

For example, creating a 3D visualization using Photoshop is a powerful and professional way to take your e-design and concept presentations to the next level and learning how to do that it’s easier than you think!

Be sure to check our Photoshop courses, made by interior designers, for interior designers, to help you create interior design boards that stand out from the rest!