“I’m not a writer, I’m an interior designer…I don’t need a blog.” If that sounds familiar, this blogis for you. We've interviewed and worked with many successful designers in the past and one common theme always comes up. they all have blogs, so why does someone who generally delivers visual products to their clientele need a blog at all?This post covers that question and gives you tips on how to improve and start your own blog.

  1. Establish Authority

Blogging is a fantastic way to show your current and potential clients what you can do. Your goal is to make your blog the hub where they can find the answers to their most pressing questions and solving their biggest problems. Whether you’re blogging about recent projects, sharing your inspiration, researching software for e-designers, reporting on industry news, or providing free tips and tricks, you are proving yourself as an expert in your field, build your reputation, inspiring trust, increasing leads, and ultimately growing your online interior design business.

  1. Broaden your professional knowledge

Every good blogger, every good business person for that matter, puts energy into continued learning.  The good news? Blogging can be a great way to help you do just that! If you commit to blogging, then you will be automatically committing yourself to continued education. While looking for and researching topics, you’ll need to read industry trends and news, visit tradeshows, check out other design blogs, attend exhibitions, etc., and all of that will help you grow as a designer and increase your profits.

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  1. Increase search engine optimization

“SEO” or search engine optimization, is a serious buzz word in the marketing arena, and for good reason. “SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results” (Moz). In short, SEO is getting the right people to click from search engines over to your interior design site by posting the content they care about. Every time you post a blog, you are essentially feeding Google, Bing, etc. their favorite snack, fresh content to index! This helps your content (and you), to get found by potential customers online. SEO for interior designers is a huge topic and deserving of its very own blog, so keep your eyes peeled for one from us soon!


  1. Create Opportunities For Sharing

Among the most important benefits of blogging for interior designers, is how it creates the opportunity for content sharing. When others share a link to your blog, there is always a chance that it will go viral, spreading around the internet exponentially with each share, thereby increasing your brand awareness and driving lots of traffic to your site. Sharing like that, even on a small scale, is the holy grail of free marketing!


  1. …it works!

Blogging for interior designers, when done correctly, really can help you increase the success of your online interior design business. If the above has not convinced you, here are a few stats you simply can’t ignore:


Developing and continuing a blog for your online interior design company is simple, but it’s not easy! So set a goal for yourself to publish two blogs a week, go after it, and work your way up from there.  You’ve got this!

Ready to start working on #2 from the list above? Check out some of our fantastic resources for online learning for interior design.