While Photoshop is at its core, a program for editing and manipulating images, there are many reasons for you to invest in learning Photoshop for Interior Design.

At the end of the day, you can sum up all of the reasons into one word… SKILLS! But let’s break it down; here are 5 of the many reasons you should invest in learning Photoshop for Interior Design.

You Can Clearly Communicate Your Concepts

One of the most difficult parts of any designer’s job, especially for e-designers, is clearly communicating ideas and concepts to clients with as little frustration as possible on both sides. With tools inPhotoshop you can quickly and easily create realistic design boards, floor-plans, and other visuals to send to clients. Better yet? You can edit them just as quickly once your client comes back with their questions or concerns. Taking the time to understand and learn Photoshop can vastly improve the way your projects are received the smooth the back and forth between you and your clients.

You Can Add SpecialEffects

With Photoshop, you can take a simple line drawing, a photographs, CAD drawings, etc. and completely transform them. You can add color, light, shadow, finishes, wallpapers, fabrics, and other effects to your pieces to give your visuals exactly the lift it needs to wow clients and potential clients. You can even learn to add landscaping in a window to add another level of realism to your presentations! It can take time to hone your skills but in the end it’s 100% worth it for the future of your business.

You can Create Awesome Marketing Materials

When marketing your online interior design business, any marketing material you put out there needs to look amazing, because that is what your clients are hiring you for! When you learn Photoshop you can learn how to create an impressive portfolio, website images, social media graphics, advertisements, etc. Not only will you save money by doing it yourself rather than hiring it out, you’ll create a strong brand and showcase your work in the best possible way to attract and convert clients.

You Can Create a 3D Room

As we’ve already mentions, clearly communicating concepts with your clients can be tough, and there is no better way to get the job done that creating a 3D visual! Invest in learning Photoshop for interior designers and you will have total control over creating, manipulations, and presenting 3D scenes. You can add in the exact pieces of furniture, light fixtures, window treatments, and other unique elements you have selected for your clients space. Being able to take all of those carefully selected pieces and showing your client exactly how they will look in their room will inspire their confidence and trust in you and the choices you are making together.

You can Edit Projects Quickly and Easily

You’ve taken the time to consult with your client on their wants and needs, found the products and design elements that meet them, and created an awesome 3D visual.And no matter how much you and your client talked about what they were looking for, or how closely you stuck to it, there is a high likelihood that they’ll have changes to make. With Photoshop you can edit the initial design easily and send it back to the client quickly to keep things rolling along, or even create multiple design options ahead of time without doubling the amount of time put in.            

When you take the initiative to learn Photoshop for InteriorDesigners, you are investing in the future of your business, using all of the above (and more) to enhance your presentations, improve your communication with clients, bring any idea to life, and vastly improve your productivity.

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